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Part 2: What To Do At The Rockley


Priceless moments are often found off the beaten path, where opportunities are spontaneous and unexpected detours are preferred. The Rockley is for explorers who want to jump headfirst into new adventures, leaving no stone unturned and no invitation unanswered.

From dancing to calypso beats at a bacchanal to negotiating with vendors at an outdoor market, The Rockley looks for authenticity, above all else. Our easygoing island attitude is accentuated with a playfulness that reflects our local culture. We aren’t afraid to have fun, let loose, and crack a few jokes—in fact, we encourage it. Our guests are treated like old friends, greeted with a warm smile, and immersed into the real Bajan experience.

So put down those tourist guides and pick up the lingo—it’s time to move like a Bajan!

Too Licorish!
(Bajan for ‘craving; eager to taste or enjoy; greedy!’)

The Restaurant at The Rockley is chic and comfortable, offering indoor air-conditioned and outdoor dining. Whether you want to grab a quick bite or enjoy a leisurely lunch, an eclectic mix of modern Bajan and Caribbean flavours is on the menu, along with international favourites. Looking to explore the vibrant restaurant scene? Our team will guide you all the way from the best local
eateries and charming cafés to legendary fine dining establishments.

And if you forget your wallet on your sunset stroll, that’s no problem, because we’ve partnered with some of the most popular restaurants on the South Coast to launch our Dine & Sign program. Simply sign your bill at the end of the evening and pay the hotel when you check-out. See our website for our current ‘Dine & Sign’ partners.

Mekking Sport
(Bajan for ‘kidding, joking or playing around’)

With a vivacious sense of community and an inviting approachability, The Rockley easily makes friends out of strangers and chases new connections—which means a good time is never far behind. Along with our weekly pool deck mixer, which features a mini-market of local crafts and hand-made creations to the accompaniment of sweet steel pan, we organise irresistibly fun games afternoons and other social activities for guests and locals alike. There’s also table-tennis, a pool table, and a variety of board and card games to keep our competitive guests busy.

We Outside!
(Bajan for ‘meeting friends in the open air)

With an emphasis on crafting authentic, unforgettable experiences, The Rockley invites you to trade in the day-to-day for unscripted adventure, where the only items on the itinerary are to live fully and unapologetically—with the promise of a modern, comfortable outpost you can call your home away from home. We organise boardwalk strolls at sunset, pool games on Fridays, and when you want to take the adventure off-property, The Rockley even has its own island tour that includes breathtaking photo stops, historical landmarks and lively local eateries.

Don’t you agree, it’s time for The Rockley?